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Paul graduated as an Osteopath in 1993 and has had many years of experience in Cranio-sacral and Biodynamic Osteopathy as well as multi-dimensional healing methods. From his early years in practice he spent many years studying many texts on healing, self development, spiritual wisdom, philosophy and yoga. He then explored ways to test and then integrate this information into his personal life as well as his osteopathic studies and practice. Initially, he tried exploring these ideas in his own life and practice and then, upon discovering that they significantly enhanced the healing process and recovery of many clients, he started sharing this information with others through running his workshops, doing talks, presentations and also when supervising students through his lecturing or on volunteer events working with other practitioners and students treating the participants. While studying Osteopathy and trying to see how the whole picture comes together he began to realise that there was an essential element missing from (or it seemed little understood within) the teaching programs.