Living Consciously


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I have more than 20 years of counselling experience. Before starting my private psychotherapy practice, I was a group and individual therapist in several private psychiatric hospitals. My work focused on helping people with mental health issues including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addictions, and eating disorders. It was a privilege and a humbling experience to work in these hospitals with people so deeply affected by loss and trauma, and yet prepared to share this hope with other patients and with myself. I am grateful that I can now share the knowledge I gained working with these patients with my clients in my private counselling practice. During my career, I have provided expert mental health consultation services in the emergency department of a hospital. It was an honour to provide lifesaving mental health care to people presenting with acute psychological despair. My experiences as a mental health consultant enabled me to know that in some small way I may have helped turn someone’s life around. I’ve also led yoga and meditation classes in private psychiatric hospitals and marvelled at the transformational effects these ancient healing practices have on people. I have over 20 years experience helping people with a range of mental health issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions and eating disorders. Get In Touch Today!