Holistic Psychology Claimed


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People often tell me that the reason why they choose to work with me is because they can see that they can be challenged and guided to be the empowered version of themselves, while at the same time feeling safe in the knowledge they are being cared for and supported by a qualified clinical psychologist. I have been a Clinical Psychologist since 2013 and a leadership and life coach since 2009. I am passionate about working with people who are ready to change their unhelpful stories to more empowering and authentic ones. With expertise in Executive and Performance Coaching, I also love working with corporate teams to empower and equip them to be more authentic, more effective and mindfully resilient leaders. I am a big believer that our lives are made up of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual pillars, and I use this as a proven model to provide my clients with clarity, positive habits and practical routines to help you rediscover your human potential, and actualise it for deeper connections, supportive communities, and a thriving world.