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Welcome to Dogaholics Dog Training and Behaviour Services Newcastle
We help people and dogs live their best lives!

With a passion for dog behaviour, full qualifications and years of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of both dogs and their humans.

Our Services Include:

Puppy School and Puppy Classes:
Start your puppy off on the right paw with our engaging and interactive puppy school. Our carefully structured classes focus on education, life skills and understanding your puppy’s emotions which is crucial for a happy and well-adjusted adult dog.

Private Dog Training and Behavior Consultations:
Whether your dog needs help mastering basic life skills or has some behaviour challenges, our one-on-one training and behaviour sessions provide personalised attention and tailored solutions to address specific needs.

Assistance and Service Dog Training and PAT (Public Access Tests):
We help empower individuals with disabilities to train their dog to assist with tasks and provide invaluable support. We also offer PAT assessments to ensure your assistance dog meets the highest standards for public access.

Behavioral Assessments for Menacing and Dangerous Dogs:
Our certified behaviour consultant conducts behaviour assessment for dogs with a notice of intent to declare menacing or dangerous or have been already declared.

School Support Dogs:
We help you train your school support dog and provide psychological assessments on school premises.

Therapy Dog Training:
We help you to train your own dog to become a therapy dog to provide comfort, companionship and emotional support in hospitals, nursing homes and various therapy settings.

Cat Training and Behaviour Consultations:
Enrich the lives of your feline companions with our cat training and behaviour consultations addressing issues such as litter box problems, aggression, and fear-based behaviours.

Greenhound Assessments for Greyhounds:
Ensure your retired racing greyhound meets the requirements for off lead access with our Greenhound assessments.